Gym Bookings

Gym available for bookings

Please ensure you have signed your Gym Waiver to enable you access to Book the Bridgefield Gym

Terms and Conditions

These guidelines have been put in place to allow us the re-open the gym at Bridgefield while ensuring the health and wellbeing of all residents.

It will be the responsibility of all gym users to ensure that these guidelines are adhered to as failure to do so will result in us no longer being able to keep the gym open.

  • To use the gym, you must book a slot using the booking facility on the Bridgefield Apartments Concierge app  
  • The slots will be for one hour at a time  
  • People who are unwell should not use the Gym.  Anyone with signs of fever, a new persistent cough and / or part of a household with someone with these symptoms must not attend and self-isolate for the minimum 14 days.  
  • The gym will be open Monday to Sunday 24 hours per day
  • Cancellation of bookings must be made by calling reception on 015562165 with at least 24 hours before the booking, otherwise it will be considered part of your weekly allowance.  
  • Residents will initially be able to book a maximum of three, one-hour slots per week subject to availability  
  • A maximum of 6 residents can book the Gym at any one time 
  • Equipment has been moved or is turned off to allow social distancing to be adhered to. Please do not turn on any equipment that is out of use or move any of the equipment.  
  • WCs and water fountains will not be available. Please bring your own drinks containers with you.  
  • Please use the bins provided to dispense of any wipes or tissues.  
  • Equipment must be cleaned down before and after using. Sprays and wipes will be provided. 
  • Hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipe stations are positioned throughout the gym and we encourage people to use them regularly.
  • The fire exit must remain closed except in emergencies  
We are excited to be re-opening the gym and please ask residents to be respectful of the guidelines set out above and to also respect the health and safety of other residents. We will monitor both the usage and the practicalities over the coming weeks to ensure that health and safety isn’t being compromised.