Personal Training

About me

About me: Hi Guys! My name is Paul and I'm a Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor working out North Dublin, Ireland. I work with people on a daily basis both one-to-one and in small groups guiding them towards their fitness goals. I enjoy educating people on how to improve their lifestyle by making small changes that can be made sustainable through everyday living. I believe keeping a balance between work, fitness, family and social is the key to success and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Success Stories

This is Client X. Client X works a 9-5 desk job. Client X is a full time mother with 2 kids. These are her results! This is after 6 weeks of training. Hard work in the gym 3 times a week and trying to create a balance between work, kids and training was difficult!! After 6 weeks of trying to find this balance we eventually figured it out! Client X lost 13lbs in her first 6 weeks of training with myself and I couldn't of been a prouder PT. 

Is this my most successful transformation? No. Is this the most weight anyone has lost on my program? No! You see, this is my proudest transformation by far because Client X approached me in the most difficult circumstances and with no training History whatsoever. With a little bit of timekeeping and a whole lot of hard work we smashed her original goal of 7lbs and she has "Changed her life around for the better". I don't like chasing numbers, I love improving the lifestyles of others!!